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An incredible trip. I would strongly recommend without hesitation that any student of Russian history take the opportunity to visit this fabulous country.

Adele Vevers History Teacher

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We care about your safety

At TCBC School Tours we take health and safety very seriously. You can rest assured that all our tours are thoroughly researched by our staff and planned to the very finest detail. We make regular inspection trips to our destination cities where we meet with our local suppliers. These important visits allow us to form strong relationships with our suppliers who all understand our requirements and are used to working with student groups.

On these visits we stay at the same accommodation we use on our tours, we travel with the same transportation companies, we eat at the same restaurants and visit the same sights.

Best of all, we hand-pick our favourite guides from years of experience and we trust them implicitly with the most important thing of all - you! Your guide will know your full itinerary well in advance and will look after you from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. All our guides speak fluent English and will take the very best care of you and your students.

TCBC staff also travel on our school tours every year to ensure that we are still offering the same level of service you expect from us.

We understand that safety on school trips is paramount and although the paragraphs above will provide assurance, it is not enough. To this end we have a thorough Safety Management System in place which you can read more about here


We use a variety of accommodation on our tours. For example, in Russia we use the same small pool of hotels we have worked with for years and whom we know intimately, in Germany we make use of the excellent standard of hostels available.

Our staff visit and stay at the hotels and hostels we use on our school tours, all of which are used to accommodating student groups and are compliant with local and national fire and safety regulations.


The coach companies we use comply with local safety regulations. Wherever possible we try to secure coaches with seat belts, even if this is not a local legal requirement. We prefer to know that our clients have the use of a seatbelt for peace of mind. Drivers are experienced in negotiating the streets and traffic of destination cities.

OVERNIGHT TRAINS (China and Russia tours only)

In China we use the soft sleeper class, the highest class on most routes. Trains in China offer very good standards of safety and security with at least two uniformed conductors per carriage who are charged with your well being. Your local guide will be with you on the journey as well, to assist with communication. Train compartments can also be locked from the inside.

In Russia, the rolling stock is similar - 4 berth compartments with facilities at each end. The compartment can be locked twice from the inside and although small, can be comfortable and cosy. The journey between Moscow and St Petersburg takes 8 hours and there are many trains running this route nightly. There are no opportunities to alight en route.


Prior to each tour we provide you with a Tour Contact Sheet. This details all the important phone numbers and contact details relevant to your tour. Here you will find your hotel details, your local guide’s phone number, local embassy and hospital details along with TCBC’s 24 hour emergency contact details.


We are aware that on most of our tours, some participants will have additional requirements relating to their diet, religion, culture or perhaps a disability. We try our utmost to accommodate all special requests and we ask that you make any such requirement known to us as early on in the booking process as possible. This will assist us greatly in making appropriate plans to meet your requests.


Details of necessary vaccinations required for each tour can be found in the FAQ section of the destination page.